Frequently Asked Questions

We find that many of the questions we receive are very common, so we thought we'd put as many of them as we could into an easy to read list for you to check out! If your question is not addressed here, please feel free to send us a message.


-What is your background in industry?

We have been in the weed control industry for more than 12 years. Before that we were in different areas of the service industry. With more than 60 years of combined customer service expertise, we feel that our customer service is the best in Tucson. Beyond the customer service experience, Richard holds degrees from Northern Arizona University in Chemistry and Biology. This experience is instrumental in our formulation of the herbicides used.

-Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we are. Our license number is 8613. Our applicators are also licensed in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes the Arizona Department of Agriculture Rules. We also carry insurance in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes and the Arizona Department of Agriculture Rules.

-Are your technicians licensed?

Yes, in fact it is required by state law that anyone applying the type of chemicals we use must be licensed. Furthermore the business is licensed and the person in charge of the employees carries an even stricter license issued by the state.

-What do you do?

We provide services to kill and pre-emerge against weeds on all different kinds of property.

-How often do you come to treat?

We have plans that include monthly service as well as an as needed service intervals. 96.3% of our customers have us on a monthly service interval. For the best outcome monthly service is the best option. Properties vary in key things like plantings, drainage and irrigation so we view every property as unique; please call for an estimate and thorough evaluation of your needs.

-Why is your product better than the products that I can buy at the local store?

Our products are stronger and last longer than over- the- counter chemicals. These products are targeted for the weeds specifically. They are used in accordance with all state, local and manufacturers guidelines, laws and regulations.

-How does the service work?

We offer a range of service plans. The most cost effective plan is a monthly plan. This is a plan (no contract required) in which our technicians visit your home/business once a month and apply pre-emergent and kill any weeds present with a post-emergent. Our service is based on the idea that with monthly application we can fully control your weed infestation. 96.3 % of our customers choose a monthly service program. Some of the reasons for this type of program: save money, not having to buy chemicals, not having to store chemicals, not have to worry about their weed problem, not having to deal with the HOA “nasty grams”, keep from getting situations from the city or county, better curb appeal, saving time, spending precious time with their families or just doing something else.

-Is there any contract or commitment?

No, you are not required to sign a contract. If you cancel service with us we do require 1 month notice. Contracts can be made to protect your prices at your request and are done on a case by case basis and can be for terms up to three years.

-What happens if I cancel my service and decide to restart at a later date?

If service is stopped, when the service is restarted there will be an initial fee charged again. The reason for this is that we will have to re-apply the first coat of weed killer and pre-emergent again.

-What chemicals do you use?

We use a proprietary mixture of chemicals that Richard has developed over time, using his expertise in chemistry and biology. We use many different chemicals depending of you property type. A listing of chemicals used and concentrations used is printed on each bill.

-Do your products stain, stink or have color?

Some of our weed control product may have a slight odor that can last for a few hours. We use a harmless indicator colorant additive in our weed spray that may last for a few days. Weed control products will not stain anything that water will not stain.

-Why is the stuff you spray blue?

The blue color is a marker dye that we use so that we can see what we have treated this is meant to increase our precision and give you the best outcome possible.

-I did not see the blue stuff, why is that?

Depending on when we spray, the blue dye may disappear over a short period of time. The dye is broken down by the suns UV rays, so when it is sunny (as it often is in Tucson), this blue color disappears, sometimes in a matter of hours. In rare occasions it may fade due to being rained on.

-What do I do if something does not die?

If it has been more than 5 days and the weed/weeds are not dead, please call us and we will come back out and retreat at no charge. This happens rarely, and in the event it does happen we will stand behind the work we have done.

-What if I have a locked gate?

We have many customers in this situation; many of them elect to give us a gate key so we can spray the yard when we are there for the monthly service. If this is not possible the technician can call the night before to request the gate to be unlocked or set up a time in which the customer can be at home during the service.

-How long should a treatment last?

Treatment will last for varied lengths of time. Some of the factors include (but are not limited to) rainfall, area drainage, exposure to sunlight, surface applied to and chemicals used. In general the pre-emergent we use can last 4 to 8 months depending on the factors listed above. For ultimate control we suggest a monthly service.

-What precautions should be taken?

Keep children and pets out of area while being treated. Do not touch treated areas till dry, dissipated or aerated, wash hands and clothing thoroughly if you suspect that you may have touched the pesticide.

How much does your service cost? Please call us at 520-88-ROYAL (520-887-6925). Price depends on square footage, lot size, frequency of treatment, discounts, commercial or residential property, treatment or packages chosen, and severity of the problem.

-Are the herbicides safe to use around our home?

Herbicides are designed to kill plants. Never touch a herbicide that is wet. Skin absorption is the most common route of exposure. After it dries, it's okay if the area treated is touched. We only use herbicides that are EPA approved for use around your home and our products are strictly regulated by the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

-Do you give discounts?


  • Active or retired military in the home
  • Firefighters or Law Enforcement
  • Referrals to our company, etc.



-How do I pay my bill?

For convenience your bill comes in a return envelope and all you need to do is tear off the top part of the statement and along with a check insert it into this envelope, place a stamp on the front and drop it in the mail.

-Can I use online bill pay to pay my bill?

Yes, set us up as a payee and the bank will send us a check. We ask that you please make your last name the account number, as all of our records are logged by last name.

-Can I pay on this site?

Yes you can, on this website you can pay with a credit card. Upon checkout a nominal convenience fee of 3% will be added to your total.

-Where do I send my bill?

Our mailing address is:

Royal Weed Control 8987 E Tanque Verde Rd #309-373 Tucson, AZ 85749

-What are late fees?

Late fees are a fee that we will assign to your past due balances if the bill has not been paid before the time we come to treat the next month. Late fees are $3.00 per month, per bill or 10% whichever is grater. Payments for previous months billing cycle that are paid by check at the time of service are still considered late.